BookLaunch 2Welcome to my website.

The image above is a stained glass window I photographed  for my most recent book cover, depicting a journey  home. In many ways my career as a social worker, academic teacher and researcher, and clinical supervisor has involved helping colleagues, students, and clients to find their path and the way forward, academically, personally and professionally. This has been my abiding interest and life's work. My career has developed from  being a clinical mental health professional; moving more into academic teaching and research, so I bring the dual competencies of education,/research and clinical work to my private practice.

I am an educational consultant,  registered social worker, social researcher, and clinical supervisor who now works in private practice. My research interests include trauma and stress, theories of clinician self-care and practitioners’ theories for practice. During my practice career I have developed new theory about vicarious traumatisation whilst working within a national sexual abuse trauma centre with survivors of sexual abuse trauma, as specialist case manager. I have a longstanding interest in Gestalt psychotherapy, having trained in this field for three years.

In 2005-6 I developed new mental health services with a group of 3 general practices, in consultation with the local community. Once I established the MidValley Well-being Service, I recruited and managed staff as a team leader to offer a preventative mental health service in three suburban communities.

Originally from New Zealand, born and raised in Wellington, I co-ordinated a national post graduate programme at Victoria University of Wellington 2007-10. When I relocated to Australia to work as an associate professor and discipline leader, in 2011-16, I have  led teams of social work academics both at Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory; and at Australian Catholic University in Sydney, Australia, with the additional role of deputy head of school. I have now  returned to live and work in my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand, the capital city of New Zealand. 

My most recent book, 'Self-Help for Trauma Therapists: A Practitioners' Guide', was published in 2016.

To read more about my latest book, here are the links to the chapter abstracts and the reviews on Amazon: